Do you need a retrofit?

No matter if you want to convert from analog- to digital-radio, a new system on an older machine, the retrofit of PPT-buttons or simply a software-update - we have a solution for you mororcycle! Furthermore we offer a maintenance service that checks functionality on a regular basis.


Available systems and functions

System V2.1: R1200 RT (K52) | System V2 Light: F800 GS, F700 GS

General features

FeaturesV2.1V2 light
Support of up to two radios (analog and/or digital)
Support for one digital radio (Sepura, Motorola)
Radio usage through a gooseneck microphone
Switching between helmet-operation and loudspeaker manually or automaticaly
Radio output to either helmet or loudspeaker
Usage of a public address system (PA system) via microphone
Usage of a PA system via helmet
Remote opearation via MMC Controller (only available with functions: change volume and status)
Partial configuration of special buttons for PTT, status change, PA system, volume
Option to install two more PTT
Option to install one PTT
Color display with automatic screen-dimming
System diagnosis
Optional error log for support
Adjustable button- and notification-sounds
Individualy adjustable audioparameters
Userinterface with many costumisations for administrators
Easy readout and cloning of settings to a different system

General radio features

FeaturesV2.1V2 light
Transmission for current status to configurable target
Display of last sent status
Display of confirmed/set status through operation center (analog)
Display of confirmed/set status through operation center (digital, only if standards-compliant)
Display of FMS and SDS messages
Trigger of distress call through the handset (optionally with or without "hot mic")
Radio transmission between handsets or PA system
Alphanumerical display for channel, groups and status
Channel- or group-selection with individually costumisable favourites
Manual activation or deactivation of individual handsets
Memory SDS for more than 100 Messages
Message-memory SDS limited to 50

Features digital radio

FeaturesV2.1V2 light
Support for DMO and TMO
Support for gateway and repeater modes
Support for VOPTA (Phase 0)
Single-connections half-/full-duplex
Display of individual calls
Participant selection form configurable contact list
Toggleable encryption for digital-radio
Function „priorized Speaking“ (depending on network and location)
Status and emergency calls to shadow call groups (currently with Motorola radio devices since software version 5.14.10 bzw. 10.6.10)
Fleetmapping grouped download from Motorola radio device (without favorites)
Fleetmapping grouped download from Sepura radio device (only North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany)
Sepura: Emergency call via PEI
Support for queued PTT
Baudrate detection of PEI
Selection of group with 4 digit speed dial
Automated software update of command panel to version of on-board computer

Supported radios - Analogue

  • Bosch/Motorola/RDN FuG8b
  • Bosch/Motorola/RDN FuG9c
  • Bosch FuG8b/KF802
  • Ascom/Pfitzner FuG8b
  • Ascom/Pfitzner FuG9c
  • AEG/Telefunken FuG8b TC100
  • AEG/Telefunken FuG9c TC100
  • AEG/Telefunken FuG8b Teledux9/80FMS
  • AEG/Telefunken FuG8b Teledux9/80
  • AEG/Telefunken FuG9c Teledux9/160
  • AIT FuG8a
  • TAIT FuG9a
  • GCD FuG8a
  • GCD FuG9a

Supported radios - Digital

  • Sepura TETRA MRT SRG 3900
  • Sepura TETRA MRT SRG 3900 mit Notruffunktion (ext. I/O)
  • Motorola TETRA MRT MTM800FuG m. Remote Head
  • Motorola TETRA MRT MTM800FuG m. Expansion Head
  • Motorola TETRA MRT MTM800FuG ET
  • EADS/Cassidian TMR880i

Supported helmets

Über BMW bezogene Helme werden sowohl in verkabelter Ausführung (mit bundeslandspezifischen Steckerbelegungen), als auch in Bluetooth Version (ab Version 2.0) unterstützt.